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 » News » Interesting Wedding Invitations Of Bollywood Celebrity Couples
Interesting Wedding Invitations Of Bollywood Celebrity Couples
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Interesting Wedding Invitations Of Bollywood Celebrity Couples
The subtle yet charming wedding invite included an off-white card with beautiful floral print on one side, and a delightful box of sweets. Dia and Sahil got married on October 18, 2014.
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Putting an end to all the speculations about the actual date, Bollywood heartthrob, Shahid Kapoor and his fiancée, Mira Rajput’s wedding invite finally revealed it all. The invitation card of this gorgeous clearly showed their wedding date, which was July 7, 2015. The card was designed by Delhi-based designer, Ravish Kapoor, keeping in mind the brief given to him by Shahid himself, which was, ‘simple yet elegant’. The wedding card had pink and gold roses printed on it, which symbolised their immortal love for each other. Wrapped in a gold bow, the card had Soha and Kunal’s name written on it, in a heart-shaped wreath. The wedding date of the two love birds was also written in the same wreath. The couple took the wedding vows on January 25, 2015. The subtle yet charming wedding invite included an off-white card with beautiful floral print on one side, and a delightful box of sweets. Dia and Sahil got married on October 18, 2014. Bollywood’s ‘He-man’ and Dream Girl’s eldest daughter, Esha Deol, married businessman Bharat Takhtani, in a star-studded affair. Their wedding card was as magnificent as their wedding. The wedding card was placed in a beautiful golden and cream re-usable box.
They personalised their card boxes with their gold plated initials placed inside a lotus motif, along with an Om and Swastika. Along with the card, were moti-choor laddoos and dry fruits. The card contained some really beautiful images of Radha-Krishna, which added a divine allure to it. Their wedding took place on June 29, 2012. Bollywood heartthrob, Imran, married his childhood sweetheart just a little while after he entered the tinsel town. Their wedding card was a reflection of their playfulness and imaginative style. The card contained two black and silver boxes that had 2011 written on them in words. One of the boxes contained customised chocolates in them. The other one had a year-planner diary, potpourri fragrance, and a pinwheel in it. The wedding details were printed on a yellow paper that was attached to the pinwheel. The box also included a swipe card for the security and guest identification purposes. On the reverse end of this swipe card was the map with wedding venue marked on it. The couple had a registered marriage on January 10, 2011; followed by a grand reception organised by Aamir Khan. The wedding card of Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva was one of the costliest cards ever made. You want to know why? Crushed gemstones and real gold was used to make their card! Their eco-friendly invite had two segments. The first compartment was for chocolates, while the other contained separate invites for different marriage ceremonies like mehendi, sangeet, wedding and reception.
The cards also had unique-limited edition of ‘Ganjifa’ painting for special invitees. It was packed like a jewellery box made of velvet. The invitation and the bag carrying the card were made from handmade paper, which was all 100 per cent recycled material. About 2000 cards were sent for their marriage, which took place on October 29, 2010. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s wedding was a much awaited affair of the tinsel town. Known for their style and royalty, the couple made sure that even their wedding card reflected the same. For their big day, the couple chose a royal square-shaped golden coloured wedding card. It was personalised with a special royal crest with their initials ‘RS’ on it. This stunning and elegant wedding invitation was designed by Ravish Kapoor of Innovative Invitations. The invite was placed inside with lord Ganesha’s face imprinted in the middle. Shlokas were printed on the flaps of the card. The wedding ceremony details were placed in a booklet style in this box. There was another special box containing customised chocolates for the invitees as well. This invitation and gift box was held together with a gold satin ribbon. This ribbon was personalised with a vinyl logo which was cut on acrylic. The much-in-love couple tied the knot on November 22, 2009. Since it was the wedding of two big shots of B-town, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, their invitation had to be special. The invitation of this grand affair was sent in three golden coloured boxes with two big entwined ‘As’ drawn on them. The boxes were held together with a red ribbon. The first box contained the invite, while the second box had 24 pieces of mithai made from chocolate imported from Switzerland. An idol of lord Ganesha was placed in the third box.
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