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Wackiest Weddings
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Wackiest Weddings
We hope Yoda presided over this wedding(Take the bride, do you?).
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Grab your lute and mount your trusty steed!If you're donning a garter,run swiftly.One rather aggressive medieval tradition called for guests to grab a piece of the garment by any means necessary. For your Cinderella day,you can buy a gown from the official Disney fashion line, or have your wedding at the actual theme park for 10 grand and up.Next up: Lion King groomsmen!? If the undead get married,then it really is a union that will last forever.To make it authentic you could even get carried in a coffin to the altar. Time to party like it's 1942? All 100 guests at this wedding got into theme, donning fur wraps,berets and caps adorned with feathers.For authenticity they piped in the sound of sirens and Lancaster bombers flying overhead.
We hope Yoda presided over this wedding(Take the bride, do you?). Never moved past your Hello Kitty pencil case? You can pay to have two giant creatures escort you down the aisle,like this couple. Domo arigato,Mr Roboto.We have seen the future and it is filled with robots - who wed. Dessert first for this wedding in a chocolate tub.These two are definitely tempting fate.
Having your wedding on an airplane certainly minimises the chances that anyone will chicken out before walking down the aisle.Hopefully they usedLove Lift Us Up Where We Belong at the reception. A dramatisation of till death do us part makes this ceremony feel more final than most. A headstone cake would really complete the theme. We half expect Sponge Bob to pop up in this photo.One question that comes to mind:How can they breathe while enjoying their first kiss? Sometimes weddings can be just like going to the bathroom - something you'd really rather not go alone.This mass ceremony for the staff of China Air includes pilots and flight attendants.So who was flying the planes?
One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Take your precious to the altar and recite lines straight from Tolkien's classic as the vows. These LOTR superfans earn bonus points for their Minas Tirith cake. Long overlooked,leggings can now claim their rightful place among cruelties the bride and groom hoist upon their friends and families. It was a fairytale wedding with a twist for Keith and Christine Williams who spent three hours in make-up before emerging covered head-to-toe in green paint to walk down the aisle as Shrek and Princess Fiona.
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