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Most Surprising Bollywood Celebrity Weddings Of All-time
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Most Surprising Bollywood Celebrity Weddings Of All-Time
The couple had a formal church wedding, and Aditya did show that he doesn’t just make romantic films, he lives them too. The Yash Raj scion flew in a pandit to Italy to make the leading lady of his life happy. He even wore a traditional dhoti-kurta with the headgear, and Rani donned a traditional red Banarasi saree, with alta (traditional red colour that Bengali brides wear in place of mehendi) on her feet and palms.
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From affairs to marriages to baby bumps, nothing escapes from the media glares and shutterbugs, when it comes to a celebrity’s life. But still, there are a few in the Bollywood brigade who have worked hard towards keeping their innocent love stories away from the social stares and speculations. So, here are some some celebrity weddings that took the Bollywood fans by surprise. Recommended Read: 8 Bollywood Celebs who are Younger than their Wives Truth Behind the 8 Unfortunate Love Stories of Bollywood Famous Bollywood Divas and their Wedding Day Look Discover What Your Sleeping Style Reveals about Your Relationship The young, Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan fell in love with gorgeous and talented Amrita Singh, after the two met in a party. When the party got over, she invited him over to her place. After a few minutes, Saif, was a her doorsteps with a bottle of Scotch, and, Saif has publicly admitted that he never left after that. Certainly, age becomes just a number when you are in love, but, for the rest of the world the staring gap of 12 years between the two came as a shock. The staring age-gap and disapproval of Saif's parents on their relationship, was not enough to keep the two lovers apart. Saif went on to marry Amrita, and were pronounced man and wife in October 1991. Amrita, who was at the peak of her acting career then, decided to turn away from the film industry, to settle in the role of a home-maker. However, this young and passionate relationship could not stand the test of changing times. 13 years and two children later, Saif and Amrita got a highly-publicised divorce. Boney Kapoor, in an interview to Filmfare said, My obsession for Sridevi grew each time I met her. The two first met on the sets of Mr. India, and he was blown-over by her innocence and un-starry attitude. However, it took him time to win her love, because she was an introvert and kept to herself. In the same interview Boney also said, While I had already fallen in love with Sri, initially it remained one-sided. Boney's biggest problem was that he did not know how to approach her, and that he was already married and had two kids.
All this could not keep, Boney Kapoor from pursuing Sridevi. He was a shoulder of comfort for her when her father passed away. He even became her pillar of strength when her mother was seriously ill. Sridevi even stayed at his home for a few days in 1993, when serial bomb blasts in Mumbai had put the city under high alert. During all this Sridevi, was drawn towards him, and they decided to get married. This marriage shocked everyone because Boney had not yet got a divorce from his first wife, Mona Kapoor. The love-struck couple kept their marriage a secret for six months, till the time his divorce was finalised. Hema Malini, the dream girl for every man, broke hearts of her lovers and admirers after marrying Dharmendra. Although, Bollywood’s garam Dharm hailed from Punjab and Hema Malini from South India, no social or regional barriers could keep them apart. However, when Hema’s family got to know about their affair, her father was strongly against this match. Things were not smooth sailing at Dharmendra’s end as well, since he was already married and had two sons. Hema decided to pursue her relationship with Dharmendra, after her father's demise, which left her mother deeply hurt. Since Dharmendra’s first wife was not ready to give him a divorce, both the stars decided to convert to Islam in order to get married. So, conquering the tough times the two love-birds got married in a secret nikaah ceremony. The two later got married in an Iyengar style (since Hema is an Iyer), on May 2, 1980. In the post-partition era, Nargis and Sunil Dutt’s marriage shocked everyone, because of their different religious backgrounds. Nargis was still nursing her broken heart after the well-publicised relationship with Raj Kapoor ended. The actress fell in love with Sunil Dutt on the sets of Mother India, where Sunil heroically saved her from an accidental fire, by dragging her out of the harm's way. Their love blossomed during the time they were recovering from the mishap, as mentioned by author Kishwar Desai in his book, Darlingji– The True Love Story of Nargis and Sunil Dutt.
After the accident, the actress made an entry in her personal diary, If it were not for him, perhaps I would have ended my life. For I alone know the turmoil that was going through me. 'I want you to live,' he (Sunil Dutt) said and I felt I had to live. They could not, however, go public about their relationship because Mother India (where they played mother-son), was still not released. A romantic relationship at this time could be looked upon as a scandal. Only after the movie’s release and success, the two openly talked about their relationship and got married in 1958. Geeta Bali and Shammi Kapoor fell in love on the sets of Rangeen Raaten, while on an outdoor shoot in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. Though the two were head-over-heels in love for each other, but there was a lot of confusion in their love story. Geeta was a year older to Shammi, and was also the sole provider for her own family. And the two stars also feared how the Kapoor family would react to this affair. So, Geeta Bali decided not to reciprocate Shammi's feelings, openly. But, one rainy night in Mumbai, after relentless persuasion from Shammi’s side, Geeta finally accepted his proposal in the spur of the moment. The two love-struck actors secretly got married in a temple, on 24th August 1955, barely four months after their first meeting. They had just one common friend as the sole witness to their wedding, producer-director Hari Walia. Shammi Kapoor informed his parents about their marriage on phone, and later went home to seek his grandfather's blessings. Juhi was at the peak of her career when she got married to industrialist, Jay Mehta. The two kept their wedding a secret for a long time. The bubbly diva, who has starred in a number of super-hit films like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Darr, Bol Radha Bol, Ishq and many more, always maintained that she and Jai are just good friends. But, she finally revealed her marital status when she was expecting her first child. We are not sure of the exact wedding date of this couple, all that is known is that it happened in December 1997.
Once again the news of Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra's wedding spread around, everyone thought it to be a hoax. But, this time around it really happened. The discreet couple did not shy away from accepting that they had tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony in Italy. In an official statement issued by Yash Raj Studio it was revealed, We are happy to announce that Mr. Aditya Chopra and Ms. Rani Mukerji got married last night on April 21, in Italy. The wedding was a very small intimate affair with very close family and friends. The couple had a formal church wedding, and Aditya did show that he doesn’t just make romantic films, he lives them too. The Yash Raj scion flew in a pandit to Italy to make the leading lady of his life happy. He even wore a traditional dhoti-kurta with the headgear, and Rani donned a traditional red Banarasi saree, with alta (traditional red colour that Bengali brides wear in place of mehendi) on her feet and palms. When the B-town fans woke up with a hangover of the New Year, 2014, there was something waiting to greet them- New Year wishes from John and Priya Abraham. Yes, that is what happened on January 2, 2014, when John Abraham’s twitter profile read, Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed 2014! May this year bring you love, good fortune and joy. Love, John and Priya Abraham The couple had met in 2010, in a gym in Bandra. Though it was in 2014 that John accepted to the status change in the relationship, many believe that the couple had got married long time back. So, in all sense of the word, it was truly a surprise!
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